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kd-80 and Pearl eliminator double pedal?

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  • kd-80 and Pearl eliminator double pedal?

    Has anyone used the KD-80 with the Pearl Eliminator double pedal?

    (I'm considering bying one for my TK-6K and my Eliminator)

    Thanks in advance!


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    OK thanks, so there is no need to look at the KD-120 then. I was afraid that the KD-80 would be too small for the Eliminator double pedal (the distance between the beaters being to large).

    Are you happy with the feel of the KD-80 compared to the real drum?

    (I'm not at all that happy with the KD-7, I've got used to it but it's different than "the real thing". I put on some weight on the beater and it got better but still not good, now I want double pedal so...)



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      A bracket can be easily constructed from wood or aluminum to attach the KD-7 to allow you to use it in a standard position. I made mine from a 2x6x14 base, a 2x4 upright and a 1x4 inclined mounting surface. I have 2 Pearl P100's and KD-7's on matching brackets. I have seen pictures on other posts if you want to do a search.
      I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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        Originally posted by Harlock:
        It's a bit 'bouncy', I suggest trying it.
        I also have the Eliminator double pedal with the KD-80. It is bouncy, but over the last months I have adjusted my technique to make use of it. It is not neccesarily negative.

        Rob --always the optimist!


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          was that using one of the black heads? triple or double ply? I played a hart kit and was amazed how much better those heads play. A lot less bouncy.