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TD11 As A Sideways Move For Cost Savings From TD12?

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  • TD11 As A Sideways Move For Cost Savings From TD12?

    Hi All!

    I'm in an unusual position, "between opportunities" on the job front, not gigging, got loads of gear & not wanting to be without a kit, "just in case" & for practicing :-) I currently have a full TD12 kit with extra cymbals, a TD6 complete with rack & pads, some additional pads & a TD3 module. Also, after some gigging experience with the TD12 I got cheesed off with carrying so much gear! The rack wont fold with all the pads on it (quite heavy too!) so I had to take the snare off, put the HHat & stand, kick pad, pedal & snare in a BIG box, separate box for the module, small mixer, all the cables etc AND the active cab - 3 trips from building to car times 4 (to from house then at gig, then the reverse - joys of being a drummer?) So.... for some time I've looked at "down sizing" & tried lots of things with the gear that I have - went full circle & ended up back at full mesh & the 12 module! Doh! So now I'm looking again, but may be more of a "sideways" move & kinda upgrade at the same time.... Basically looking at getting a TD11 module & a non-folding rack that I can leave all the pads on, go rubber for the toms as I have loads of those (keep cost down too) Have a holdall bag with a shoulder strap over one shoulder for the KD8, FD8 & a few leads & the active cab in the other hand & one trip - I hope :-) (some hope I hear you cry :-)

    To get some cash back in I'm thinking I could sell the TD12 as standard & be able to pay the rent for a bit longer & end up with a more compact kit AND go Super Natural at the same time! I'm also aware (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the combination of Super Natural AND Behavior Modelling will still give me something very much like Positional Sensing on the Snare AND Interval Control on the cymbals - just not by the old names? (Yes, I know it's been said that the TD11 doesn't have POS or IC - but it looks like a naming thing rather than actual functionality?)

    The Roland site says of Super Natural AND Behavior Modelling...

    "Playing in different places on a drum head or cymbal also changes the tone in a smooth and natural way. Rather than one or two tones, an acoustic instrument has many with a completely smooth transition in tone between different parts of the head or cymbal.

    The sensing within the pad is of high quality and accurately detects hit strength, position and interval (i.e. the time between each hit). This information is then sent to the module.

    Because the sound engine processes the player’s input very quickly, it means that every shot can be processed individually. Therefore dynamics, such as ghost notes, flams, buzz rolls and rim shots feel far more realistic and every shot sounds individual. This removes the ‘machine gun’ effect associated with previous digital drum kits, where every hit can sound the same as the last."

    So here's the questions....

    On my TD12 I have 4 cymbal pads that give me ride bow & bell & 4 crashes by way of assigning a crash sound to the ride edge. i.e. 5 "cymbals" on 4 pads. I'm aware that the TD11 only has ride & 2 crashes on the module, so...

    1) What are the editing options - 1st off are the "factory kits" completely fixed with NO changes possible?

    2) Can the ride edge be assigned a crash sound like on my TD12? Thus giving 3 crashes plus ride bow & bell?

    3) I wondered about using the TD3 as a TMI for expansion but see that the 11 only has Midi out :-( Any chance to do Midi to USB & control extra sounds that way? i.e. into the USB port on the TD11 module?

    I also wondered about using an SPD30 but think it's a bit too small for gigging & more expensive than a TD11 module..

    Any ideas gratefully received :-)

    Thanks, Baz
    TD-15, 4 x Mesh, KD-9, VH-11, 2 x CY12RC, 1 x CY13. Amplification is an SR-Technology "Pocket Rocket" sub & satellite 1400 watt system :-)

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    1) you can edit the kits and create your own..you can download the manual from Roland and read up on the editing possibilities...
    2) the ride edge can be assigned any sound
    3) The td11 has NO ability to accept MIDI in from another module...it does have some limited midi in capabilities, but no percussion set, which is how Roland assigns unique sounds to the incoming MIDI. neither does the td15.
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      Yes, you can change the factory kits by tweaking them, or get the VEX Apex download for a very reasonable price which will give you superior sounds (30 kits); you can keep the best 20 of the 50 Roland stock kits, but may not find them very satisfying after using the VEX kits (think of it as paying VEX to tweak sounds to their optimum to save you all the fiddling around) The VEX kits are simple to install too. You can sample the VEX kits on their site, and no I don't work for VEX. You will not lose the Roland stock kits if you download VEX.
      Roland TD-11: PD-105 snare, PDX-100 toms (3); CY-13R ride; CY-12 crash (2); KD-9 kick; Iron Cobra HP900 kick pedal; VH-10 hi-hat; Iron Cobra HH605 hi-hat stand; Simmons DA200s monitor; Sony MDR-7520 and Audioquest Nightowl headphones; AD2; VEX Apex, Sync, Icons, Boost, Masters 1-2; Drum-Tec LA Studios, Real Acoustic, Alternate Rock Sound Editions