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Differences in note numbers

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  • Differences in note numbers

    I just got a new vclub set and am quite happy with it, but can't figure everything out. I would love for someone to easily explain to me the difference between note numbers, drum instrument numbers and backing instrument numbers.

    I am also trying to use an external midi machine to improve the sound of the cymbals. It's working for the most part, but I can't figure out if I can load the cymbal program (patch?) from the second midi onto my TD6. Any help with these items would be much appreciated.

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    Midi note numbers are the standard assignments of a note to a drum instrument. Example: a bass drum is 35, snare is 38, closed hi-hat is 42, etc...

    see more at http://midistudio.com/Help/GMSpecs_PercMap.htm

    The instument numbers are which sound is played when you hit a pad. there are 129 different kicks, 195 snares, 38 hi-hats, etc... the sounds make up your drum programs or kits

    backing instruments are 1=piano,5=e_piano,38=slap bass,etc...

    This is all in your manual.

    As far as the cymbals go, I don't know what you are trying to do. you cannot load external patches (samples) on the td-6. To improve your sound, I suggest a bbe sonic maximizer. You might also want to play with changing the cymbal sounds and playing with pitch and ambience settings. Good luck.