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External midi source & Percussion sets on TD8

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  • External midi source & Percussion sets on TD8

    I have hooked a yamaha dd50 to my td8. The dd50 is a simple drum/pad module.

    At the moment I make changes on the dd50 to get it to trigger the sounds on the td8. One drawbacks of the dd50 however is the fact that you cannot store any settings. So each time I switch on the dd50, I have to make the same adjustments.

    I was reading through the manual of the td8 and read about percussion sets.

    Can I assign the sounds I want to the default midi notes the dd50 sends using the percussion sets? That way, I would only have to select a percussion set and it would translate the notes that the dd50 sends into the sounds I want.

    I don't get this to work...
    Am I missing anything?


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    Ahhhh... I more or less figured it out (with a little help from the search function)

    You can not use midi notes that conflict with the standard midi notes that the pads use.

    Fortunately, there's exactly one standard kit on the dd50 where none of the notes conflict with the td8!

    This should work now.



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      Originally posted by Pleiadian:
      You can not use midi notes that conflict with the standard midi notes that the pads use.
      Why can't you? If you assign such MIDI note number on the external MIDI device you just play the sound which is the same as in the td-8. Perhaps not what you want to, but you can


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        You're right Puttenvr, you *can*.

        Next time, I will try to ask my questions using a more formal syntax. $^)


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          You should be able to go into the TD8 and change the sounds assigned to the note numbers to whatever you would like the second module to trigger. You don't have to live with the assigned sounds.