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Td6 sounds on td15

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  • Td6 sounds on td15

    Hi guys. I have owned a td6 for the past 11 yrs and am looking to upgrade to a td15. It would seem that the td15 doesn't have as many sounds as the old td6 and there are a few special fx sounds I use live that aren't on the td15. Is there any way of copying/importing kits or sounds from the td6 to the td15?

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    The short answer is no.
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      Thanks. That's a little annoying! Do any of the vst packages have sounds such as record scratch etc? Or can I somehow run both modules?


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        to run both modules you would need at least one pad connected to the td 6, then run an audio cable from the td6 out to the mix in of the td15.
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          Thanks. I'm thinking I might just run both modules separately into a mixer with one or two pads on the td6. Now to figure a way to mount it all and hide the spaghetti!