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TD4 trigger settings with External ddrum trigger

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  • TD4 trigger settings with External ddrum trigger

    I convinced a fellow VDrum forum member to build their own 14" snare drum, using a Roland Mesh Head and a ddrum Pro Snare Trigger. The problem at this point is that the trigger produces very low volume, even at max sensitivity. I have a TD9, and I was able to set the trigger type to RT-10S, which I think is part of the problem. The TD4 appears to have no such trigger type (according to the online manual).

    So are there any TD4 users out there successfully using an external edge mounted trigger? Any special setting recommendations?

    Yamaha DTX-502 / (3) PCY155 Cymbals / HH65 HH Pedal
    Roland KD-9 Kick / DIY Snare (1 zone with DTX...)