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TD-10 error messages at startup

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  • TD-10 error messages at startup

    My TD-10 has been in storage for the past 5 years and I just decided I may as well sell it since I don't use it and I have a TD-20 now. So I set it all up and cleaned it, turned it on to test it out and I got 2 error messages. The first one says:

    "SYSTEM INITIALIZE Clear all data and load factory Preset. Press 'F4' to EXEC."

    And that's my only option. So I have to press F4 to get past that screen, so my memory gets wiped every time I turn it on, there's no way around it. After hitting F4, this error message comes up:

    "WARNING Backup Battery Low !"

    I've looked up other threads showing how to change the battery, and have found one to buy on eBay. But my question is, do you think the fact that the backup battery is low could be the cause of the first error message? I'm wondering if I change the battery if it will also solve the first problem. Or if not, does anyone know how to solve the problem? I'd obviously like to get that fixed before I list it for sale.

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    Yes, a new battery should fix both messages. The first just means that the module was unable to load user kits and settings because they hadn't been maintained due to low battery power.

    The battery is available from most pharmacies as the same type is used in many devices.

    Roland TD-10 Battery Replacement Instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDW6YD_TxYg



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      Alright that's good news then. Thank you very much.


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        I bought a new battery, found it at the first grocery store I went to, it only cost me $4.26 after tax, I followed the instructions on that video to replace the old battery. That did solve both problems and it now works perfectly. Just in case anyone ever has the same issue and finds this thread.


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          Glad it's fixed. Thanks for confirming.