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My TD30 learning curve..

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  • My TD30 learning curve..

    Honestly I had no idea what to call this thread haha. But it seems like learning this TD30 module is a monumental task! I am not too book smart so reading the manual is very tough. And I couldnt find anything on youtube on how to use all the features of the 30.

    I just have some questions for everyone on here to help me out please...

    1. I cant seem to see/locate any files on a USB stick that I stuck into the back usb port. I go to usb and its says something like empty but there is 6000 plus songs on the stick in a few different formats.

    2. When playing the stock patterns I only get up to 41 and then everything after that it only plays the first note then stops. I cant get the pattern to play fully.

    3. I thought there would be more of a selection of certain instruments. Namely hi hats and crash cymbals.
    There seems to be a huge amounts of triangles, tamborines, snapping and other misc sounds but the range of hi hat sounds are very small. I almost feel the stock TD20 module had as many or more hihat sounds to choose from.

    these are all I can think of now but I will add to this thread as I come up with some more. I am trying to read the manual but its tough for me to read then apply.

    Is it normal to take months or more to get a basic grasp of the module?

    thanks guys
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    1. When you make a backup, your module will create a structure/tree of folders. If you explore through those, you will see it creates different types of folders. For example, if you do a "backup", it will create a section for your backups. This is also where your module will "load" from when you ask it to. There is a section in your Roland manual explaining this. I would highly suggest downloading the PDF version from Roland's website for quick searching at the computer/tablet. You definitely should read about formatting a new stick. 2. I'm not at my kit, but you have the ability to change patterns to "loop" so they will play throughout, until you stop them again. Get that PDF. 3. I agree. I feel we got duped in a way with just some "added" sounds to the 30. Many think we should have seen an entire new library the size of the 20X. And yes, it will take a while to learn everything, but it's not as long as you think. It's overwhelming at first, but that will subside.
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      1. The td30, add Alan said is fussy about usb formats etc. it can only handle up to 99 sobs in mp3 format at a time and they can't be in folders, have to be at the "root" if the stick. Pretty average in thus day and age, hopefully they fix this. 2. The patterns after 41 are ones that only play one note per hit. They are used with some of the stock kits. For example, hitting a pad 5 times will play a melody of 5 notes and then it might repeat. It took me a little while to get comfortable with the module and I tried to focus on one thing at a time as it does a lot. I'm still learning things and little tricks one year on, mostly from these forums

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        duplicate post
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        TD-30 , DW3000 Double pedal, 3XCY-12, 2XCY14, Cy15R. 3XPD105, 3XPD125, VH12 hats, Yorkville powered 1000W P.A


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          Another thing I have noticed since the switch over from td20 module is the way the pads are acting. I am finding it tougher to get quick strokes out now... Maybe its the 'behaviour modelling' at work? but for instance I was covering this song the other day and I just couldnt get a smooth play in this part... in the chorus, at 1:34 Taylor does a hi hat/snare/hi hat fill. When I was doing it even on my td4 kit it was very smooth and pronounced. Yet on the 30, its somewhat jumbled up. And on the snare pad, when I strike the pad with the sticks at almost the same time (flam I guess), it sounds off very quiet (half muted). Maybe my settings are still way off? I did adjust the master pad settings to reflect a PD125 instead of 128.


          TD-30 , DW3000 Double pedal, 3XCY-12, 2XCY14, Cy15R. 3XPD105, 3XPD125, VH12 hats, Yorkville powered 1000W P.A