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Percussion Sets Across TD-30 Kits

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  • Percussion Sets Across TD-30 Kits

    TD-30 just purchased. Percussion sets behavior seems different than TD-20. Wondering if anyone can confirm what I'm doing is needed or what I'm missing.
    I have additional pads through a TMC6 and an SPD30. On various kits I use MIDI in to percussion set notes of the TD-30 kit. I rely on the percussion sets being part of each of my user kits.
    On the TD-30 each time I use a factory kit with Pad Patterns (e.g. the kit process, melodious, etc.) when I return to one my user kits the pad pattern and percussion set is what the last kit used. Assuming this is by design, I have...
    created a essentially blank 'User Ptn 101' and assigned it to the rim of a pad. Associated the percussion set I want to the Pad Pattern, and hit the rim of that pad to get the percussion set right for the kit every time I switch to the kit (usually as part of a kit chain).
    Is there a better way?
    Thx in advance.

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    I answered this a week ago: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/forum/ad...ts-across-kits