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How to use a PC drum machine for live performance

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  • How to use a PC drum machine for live performance

    I'm a veteran drummer, but fairly new to electronic drums. I've played a Roland TD-6 and I recently purchased a used TD-10 with the expansion. I really like it, except that some of the samples don't sound good to me. I'm wanting to setup a laptop and MIDI connection from my TD-10 to trigger different sounds from other VST kits. I'm not necessarily going to record with this, but mostly play live. I might even consider getting a Trigger I/O or other similar module to do this.

    My questions...

    1. What software (free or fairly inexpensive) is the best/easiest for doing this?
    2. How do I go about setting up the software? I've used Hydrogen, Reaper, and Addictive Drums.

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    Addictive Drums 2 seems to be getting rave reviews everywhere, so that might be worth a look. Installation is easy with these things. You will need to factor in an audio card or interface.