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How do you have your module mounted for your A to E kit?

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  • How do you have your module mounted for your A to E kit?

    So while I'm waiting on my acoustic kit for conversion, I'm wondering how I should mount the module? I have a Roland TD-11 module. I'll be losing the MDS-4 rack when I go A to E, so I'm wondering how other people are mounting their modules on their A to E kits?

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    Ive built mounts most recently...but a Roland APC-33 should work for you.
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      Got a cheap cymbal stand. Used the bottom part only, fits my module mount. Sits next to my HH.
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        Right now when I'm still using my old Alesis DM5-cymbals for my A2E-kit I have the cymbals and the module mounted on the rack from the old DM5 kit. When I finally get some cashflow and can upgrade the cymbals to Yamaha I'll probably just mount in to a cymbal stand or something easy like that.


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          A 2x4 screwed into a wooden base plate. Reamed out a hole in the 2x4 at an angle the size of the module's mounting bracket.
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            Thanks everyone. Cymbal stand seems like the easiest solution. I have a cheap PDP stand I'm looking to replace anyway.


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              Pics or it didnt happen lol