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Request help with rim/head separation - 2box + A2E

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  • Request help with rim/head separation - 2box + A2E

    Hi all.

    I've been working on an A2E conversion using the 2Box module and have run across an old nemesis - trying to get good head/rim separation on the snare. I'm not a hard core DIYer but can do some simple things. Here's what I have:

    2Box module: 1.26 OS
    Snare: 13x5 wood from the Taye Go Kit
    Heads: Billy Blast Ballistech II (3 ply) No rim protector of any kind. Simply replaced the top head with the mesh heads and tightened down the rim.

    Started with the Intrigg. Mounted it to the shell at one of the lug mounting points and made sure to have around 1/8" above bearing edge. Left the bottom head off and ran a Hosa TRS cable from the module up to the Intrigg. When I tapped the rim, the head would trigger.

    Snare head: Type Pad12, XTalk High (tried variations of this), Gain 8, Threshold -44, Curve Norm (tried others as well).
    Rim: Type Rim, XTalk High, Gain 0, Threshold -12 Curve Norm.

    I then removed both heads so the head piezo under the foam was not touching anything. Any tap on the shell produced a head sound. At this point I contacted Triggera and they were great with response, but we couldn't find a solution. I also contacted another Intrigg/2Box user and they said they get good separation.

    Now I figure I've got a particularly difficult drum to deal with and maybe the Intrigg isn't the best solution. So, I bought the Quartz harness and got it installed and have the same problem. I figure the straps are transferring any shell vibration but just to be sure I loosen 2 of the straps and raise (I have the snare upside down) the trigger assembly up off the bottom of the mesh heads and pull the remaining strap tight and the test by tapping on the rim or lugs or shell. Yep getting the head sound.

    So, I'm at a loss. Not sure where to go from here. Do I try a cake pan design (would have to buy pre-made as my DIY skills aren't all that)? I know rubber is supposed to dampen vibrations, but I'm not seeing how to implement that on either of the trigger systems I have. I mean, sure I could put rubber washers between the shell and the Intrigg, but then the rim piezo would also be isolated.

    Any suggestions? BTW - happy to take pics or a video to show the issue.


    PS. I'm SOOOO close to having my A2E done. This is the last issue...


    Edit: I think I found a way to improve the separation. I bought some door/window weather stripping (rubber tape). I cut it into about 1 inch pieces and jammed it up into where the straps feed through base plate and also jammed a piece up into the tight wedge created at the rim where the straps converge. I'll get a picture if anyone is interested. This helped dampen the vibration traveling down the straps. Quite happy now.
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