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Help with TD6V

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  • Help with TD6V


    I'm brazilian, please sorry my english.

    I bought Roland TD6V and I'm builgind my drum, so I'm not a drummer and don't know nothing about modules.

    The pads are okay.

    Now I wanna make cymbals dual zone and choke, is possible ??

    I see this images of racer52: http://s814.photobucket.com/user/rac...?sort=3&page=1

    Is possible use this project to build cymbal with choke + other piezo with dome sound too ?? ( piezo in dome too ).

    And this project I will need cymbal metal or I can make with plastic and just metal in " switch " ??

    Please sorry my english.

    Thank you very much!!!

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    Since I have a TD-6V, here's my 2 cents. (apologies if abundance of recent posts indicate I'm posting $1000 worth...I have no life)

    A metal cymbal will make it easier to make an under-edge choke switch because it basically gives you a ground conductor to use freely, saving you some wiring, but you gain some sound which you have to deaden. You can use or create a plastic cymbal, but then would want to fix another conductor to the base (unless using an actual switch, like a microswitch), then have your moveable part contain the other conductor.

    Works for sure: A single piezo for bow plus switched edge trigger doing double action as choke is do-able (I just created one using an Alesis Ion 12").

    ​My cymbal is piezo for bow, and now has a new edge trigger, which is also the choke switch (functions like a CY-5 or CY-8). For my approach, the switch needs to be on top. If I hit my switch softly, I get a low volume sound, louder is loud volume, because the TD-6V knows which sound to hit when the switch is contacted quickly like an edge strike, but still uses the main piezo to know how loud to play it (cool)

    To duplicate a CY-15 type cymbal with true 3 zone plus choke, might require 2 inputs (Ride + Crash 2 for instance) and 2 cables.
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    Remo Practice set conversion, DIY cymbals, PD-7's & PD-9's, CY-5, Sonor Hi-Hat stand, Roland TD-6V, Zoom RT-123, CB700 snare, Simmons SDMP1 Tunes: https://soundcloud.com/artly-there