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YAHHC (Yet Another Hi-Hat Controller)

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  • YAHHC (Yet Another Hi-Hat Controller)

    "It ain't purty but it works dept."

    I've been playing raw open hi-hat for a month now, because I've been assembling my kit from scratch mostly.

    Got a Sonor hi-hat stand on ebay some time ago, and a CY-5 later. The Roland pedals have escaped my grasp so far, so got an FSR a while back. Finally decided to make something work. (If not familiar with FSR term, just means Force-Sensitive Resistor)

    This approach here is using the 0.5 inch Interlink FSR. (via Jaycon Systems on ebay ... no more there. However, stil have some on their web site as I linked). They also have the 1.5, which is still available on Ebay, or their site. Both of these worked nice with my TD-6v just using finger pressure, however the foot splash (full close fast release) does not work right yet, probably requires a shunt or switch I expect.

    Working this with a Roland TD-6V…the half splash is great as to control. Closes down to closed hat alright, the only thing lacking is the foot splash, so I'm going to rig up something (on the already rig job thing) to close a microswitch at some point past closed using a drop rod or something like that.

    Works nice enough as is. Can insert the FSR below the big felt on top of the big washer, or one layer up, under the closer felt (which is one of those super slider chair felts). The compressor on top of the felt is a foot slider (plastic) and it sticks to the felt backing. I have a spring in there to further slow the works a little, but it's mostly to apply a pre-tension which helps a little I think. I killed a printer scroller I had laying around to apply a concentric pressure but anything would work.Would probably work with just the single cup and felt masher if using a large washer up top.

    Anyhow, other than the lack of a foot splash currently, this is an $8'ish solution to a problem I can't seem to find for less than $40 with shipping so far. (FD8, or FD7)

    Is now 5am here because I spent 3 and a half hours trying to find the #[email protected] FSR afar I put it down somewhere to go look for some foam. (argh!) Place it where you can find it, and don't lose it, the 0.5 is tricky to spot if flipped over! If you get one from Jaycon, leave it in the green box they used until you need it.

    The jack here is inside a medicine bottle. You'll probably want to solder the lugs on the FSR because they don't quite fit into a 2 pinheader block (as the site states). I'll tack it down with double sided tape to the washer I expect, once I get it debugged completely.


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    Alright! Another FSR user! Cool!
    I put mine under the HH pedal as I didn't want to have 2 cables running up the stand.

    I'm not familiar with the TD6, but on my Yamaha, the unit automatically adjust to height and pressure every time I turn on the module.
    There might be a setting in your TD6 to adjust the height of the pedal so that you can trigger the foot splash easily.
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      Thanks Perceval, I've seen your FSR approaches, they are nice. I might try the 1.5" under the pedal, see how that goes. I'm going to add a trim pot to the works and hope I can get it dialed in just right.

      I think in TD-6 and 6V you just have a 'pedal volume' adjustment? Nothing for height though. I am not even sure what a working TD-6V's hi-hat sounds like with a working setup (FD-6 on up). From what I can tell YouTubing, seems to be working mostly right. I'm going to add a concentrator button over the FSR (rubber button).
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      Remo Practice set conversion, DIY cymbals, PD-7's & PD-9's, CY-5, Sonor Hi-Hat stand, Roland TD-6V, Zoom RT-123, CB700 snare, Simmons SDMP1 Tunes: https://soundcloud.com/artly-there


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        I have an FD-8 available Make me a reasonable offer and it's yours.