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Cross Stick feature on snare drum

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  • Cross Stick feature on snare drum

    I began my DIY project this weekend, and ran into a problem with my snare drum setup and sound. I bought Quartz trigger cones, and I am using the TD-6 module. I made the toms and bass drum single zone, and the snare drum has a dual zone setup with the rim piezo mounted to the inner diameter of the shell, and the cone in the middle of the head. The TD-6 doesn't have positional sensing, so there isn't much dynamics to the pad. I had the most luck(on toms) mounting the cone flush with the rim, and having the head pretty tight. I was able to eliminate the hot spots on the toms, but the snare is a little more tricky. I had to turn the sensitivity down to a 1 (range is 1-15). I am getting issues with hitting the drum and having the rim trigger at the same time. There is a cross talk feature in the TD-6 module, and I turned it up to the max setting. I have played back and forth with settings, but it's still acting funny.

    I wired the piezo's for the Roland module, and I know they work properly because I tested each individual component before mounting inside the drum.

    Would you guys mind sharing your DIY snare setup and how to get the best sound? I play country music, so having a cross stick feature is a must.

    Any and all help is needed.

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    A couple things: If you have the cone barely touching the head you may be causing yourself more problems like what you describe. The cone needs to make good contact with the head, about 1/8" above the bearing edge of the drum is usually a good height. Additionally from the TD-6 owner's manual:

    ~Setting Rim Sensitivity on the PD-
    120 and PD-80R (Rim Sens)
    When a PD-80R or PD-120 is used for TRIGGER INPUT 2
    (SNARE), you can then adjust the Rim Sensitivity.
    Setting this to a higher value makes it easier to get rim sounds.
    When set to “OFF,” playing a rim shot produces the head
    instrument’s sound. Increasing the value excessively may
    cause the rim instrument to sound as well when the head is
    • This can be adjusted only when the Trigger Input 2
    “Trigger Type (Trig Type)” is set to either “PD80R” or
    “PD120” (SETUP/TRIG BASIC/Trig Type; p. 71).
    • When the trigger type is set to something other than
    “PD80R” or “PD120,” or when a trigger input other than
    Trigger Input 2 is selected, a horizontal line ( )
    appears, and you cannot make the setting.
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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    • DustinRY
      DustinRY commented
      Editing a comment
      I figured out a solution. At first I had the pad set to a pd-125. I'm not sure what the difference between a pd-120 and a pd-125, but when I switched the pad type to a pd-120, it fixed all my problems. I still need some minor adjustments, but I'm almost there.