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Replacement PM3 monitor for gigs

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  • Replacement PM3 monitor for gigs

    I have a standing monthly gig and I am constantly hauling around the pm3 drum monitor which weighs 65 lbs.. It is killing me to haul that beast all over.. I'm thinking of building my own 2.1 based system based on the Dayton MCA2250E and building a sealed plywood 12x12x12 sub cabinet that would house that amp along with a subwoffer.. 12lb 12" driver, 4 lb plate amp, and 15 pounds of plywood and HW and then I'd have a 30 lb setup for vdrum stage monitoring.. I'd use the pm3 satellites that fit on my drum rack for the highs and the sub for the lows.. Will it float? Thoughts? Anyone done this? -Jeff

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    Not a bad idea; it takes care of a lot of the weight/bulk, but a big difference I see is the Dayton is 1/2 the output wattage, which is a big difference. If you're using it only as a personal monitor and have other monitors on stage for the other band members, you'll be OK. Too bad Dayton doesn't offer a 100W sub amp.
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      I had a similar idea to replace my blown amp:

      But didn't go for it, since I really needed a full range amp, since I had a full range 12" speaker.

      If you decide to build your project, please let us know how it turned out.