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Electronic Drum light trigger Arduino/Raspberry Pi ?

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  • Electronic Drum light trigger Arduino/Raspberry Pi ?

    Hi Everybody !

    I have a little project in mind for a while now, and I decided to begin it !

    For the big picture, I would like to transform my electronic drum (TD 11k Roland) into an midi controler. With the Midi output, i would like to control a 25 pixels LEDs stripe.

    Now Step by Step:
    - First I thought about using an Arduino to be the "bridge" between my e-drum and my LEDs stripe. As I use the Arduino and LEDs for this :http://learn.adafruit.com/adalight-diy- ... v-lighting
    So I thought I could control the light with my drums using Arduino.
    But my Electronic Drum has a USB/MIDI output, and I read that it is complicated so interpret an USB/MIDI output signal from the Arduino.

    A little disappointed, but my will stays intact. (sorry for the bad english ^^).
    I'll try another technic.
    After a little bit of search, i found out that you can control the stripe LEDs pixel from Adafruit with the raspberry Pi, and i found this :http://tinkerlog.com/2012/12/21/raspber ... d-node-js/ .
    Cool with that, i just have to be able to use node.js to receive an output (incoming) MIDI signal from the drum and make some patterns for the LEDs stripe. Without the problems for installing the Adafruit OS on the SD card. I wanted to be able to receive the drum signal than controling the LEDs first.

    After, again, a little bit of search I find this :
    http://jeremyblythe.blogspot.fr/2013/03 ... -bell.html

    Basically, the same thing I want but instead of the ring bell it's some pattern's stripe light.
    So I tried to connect my TD-11K to my rasp following the blog. When i put this command line:
    [email protected]$~/: amidi -l
    Dir Device Name
    cannot determine device number: Inappropriate ioctl for device

    And i don't know how to bypass this error.
    So I'm here for asking help how can I make my electronic drum recognized by my Rasp ? (we'll se the light sync issue after )

    If you need any other informations, please ask !
    Thank you very much for your help, if I success in my journey, you'll a pretty video from the result
    Thank you again

    PS: I've thought about another idea
    It could be possible to receive the MIDI signal from the electronic drum to the Raspberry. The Raspberry and The Arduino are connected by a I2C bridge, the Arduino receive the signal and interpret it from the LEDs stripe ?

    Thank you again !