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Help me identify tip/sleve/ring please!

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  • Help me identify tip/sleve/ring please!

    Hey eveyone,
    So I bought some stereo conectores for my diy projects but since they are encolosed I have no idea what is tip, ring or sleeve. Can anyone help me?
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    The quickest way is to insert a cable and use multimeter
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      Thanks for the fast reply !
      But I donīt have one...
      But maybee you can help me. I soldered the red wire of a piezo to the small bronze part on the conector and the black wire of the piezo to the small metal part on the conector ( opposite of the bronze part). I plugged it in my megadrum and it works. With this info can you tell what is tip/ring/sleeve? thanks :-)


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        Sleeve will be the big one at the bottom.

        If you plug in a snare input, wire a 1/4" tip to the bronze, the black to the big one, and you get a head hit... you just found the tip of your connector. If it makes a rim sound, you got the ring. That is if the Megadrum is wired that way....

        I use alligator clips when in doubt and wire up connectors to find which wire and connectors should go along.
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