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A work complete, well almost...

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  • A work complete, well almost...

    Thanks to this forum, I have gone crazy building custom kits since 2010. I just finished the latest version and wanted to share the evolution. Many thanks to all for the excellent tech support and advice I have received. Module is a TD-30. Fun stuff!
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    Someone {cough, cough} needs to write a comprehensive "How To DIY" book.


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      Thank you - I am very cheap (but handy with a good shop). Shopped everything used except a few minor components, the module and lugs. Some dollars, many, many, hours!


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        Love the aluminum shells. Nice progression. Cool kit for sure.
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          I am not sure if the member AFF who fabricated the shells, still participates in the forum. I had emailed him last year to inquire into purchasing additional shells with no reply. I also liked the aluminum appearance of the original kit. The red-to-black fade is a lexan wrap that I painted.


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            Nice progress.
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              Nice transformation. Well done painting the wrap too!