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Expanding MDS-9V

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  • Expanding MDS-9V

    Hello, can the MDS-9V V-Drum stand be expanded with similar pieces??

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    Yes, nearly all drum racks (that use round tubes) use interchangeable parts. Get some gibraltar tubes and clamps and you are good to go. Check ebay too!
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      Caveat emptor!
      The MDS-9 has black tubes (If I'm not mistaken), so if you like your gear to match, and looks are important to you, consider that Gibraltar-parts don't come in black (!) ....everything's 'Chrome' there...

      In your case, you might want to pick up a used Roland rackthat matches your existing black MDS-9. There's an abundance to be had second-hand in all the usual places on the 'Net!


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        Tubes are another matter though.


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          I bought a mixture of gibraltar and dixon chrome pipes to replace my mds9. They look so much better IMHO than the black ones.