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practice pad surface in bulk?

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  • practice pad surface in bulk?

    Anybody know a resource for buying neoprene sheets (or rubber or whatever it is) that they put on practice pads? (Specifically the stuff on the Vater and Sound Percussion pads.) You see this stuff all over ebay but who knows how it will play without getting your sticks on it?

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    I am with you, I love the feel of Vater pads, I first learned to double stick on them, and prefer them to mesh.

    I once tried to get the Vater practice pad feel on some of my other pads, so I bought two 12" Vater practice pads and removed the rubber. It is held on by kind of a strong rubber cement so easy to remove. And by rubbing my fingers on it I was abe to remove the residual glue from the rubber.

    The underside of the Vater pads is a molded rib-like pattern, it looks like a circular labyrinth, so it isn't anything you can buy from anybody else. And it is rubber, not neoprene, like some drum rubbers.

    My lttle project died though, I couldn't remove the old rubber from the multipad, it was glued on too well. At least I was only out $60.

    Since then my technique has improved and I can play on most drum-like surfaces, unlike when I was just starting out so I kinda don't care anymore.

    You can find rubber and neoprene in local HW stores, some of the bigger ones (like OSH) carry it in bulk.
    Computer stores carry mouse pads too, I have a few mouse pads that are decent with the sticks.

    Some internet sellers will also send you samples on request, AM sent me a sample of their NU-Bounce once.
    It was a pretty nifty surface too. The old AM rubber was also one of the best rubber surfaces out there.

    Well that's all I got for now. :-)
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      Thanks for that info. Yeah, this is one fleeting unicorn to chase, that's for sure. I need to make friends with a chemical engineer somewhere who understand what words like "polymer" and "polyethylene" mean. Curious, how did you determine the Vater pad is rubber not neoprene? I took my SP pad to the local Foamart and the guy there said unequivocally that it's neoprene. (I realize I'm comparing apples to oranges but the surface on the SP to me looks and plays basically the same as the Vater.)


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        Ebay has some listings for neoprene sheet. Might can find a listing which is not too much for experiments. Some online suppliers or companies will send out a free sample on occasion (quarter or more sized).

        Search link:
        Get the best deals for neoprene rubber sheet at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!

        I got some Husky Heavy-Duty Rubber Liner (truck box liner, Huskytools.com 644 177) from Home Depot last night and it has a seriously cool rebound to it. About 3mm thick, or 0.12 inch. 17in x 60in, $15. In contrast the Harbor Freight toolbox liner I got seems to be the same as what they sell as (black) drawer liner at Walmart. It's very quiet and I think will be great for a cymbal covering, but rebound is not that evident.
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          Well I found a "rubber guy" near me. He is awesome. I live in LA and what do you know?...he has a couple other customers who build edrums. He gave me what they use: 1/8" 40 durometer gum rubber and a .010 thick black lexan sheet to cover it. I concocted a couple other things to add to that mix and got it playing pretty much just as I like it but durned if I can figure out how to get rid of the hot spot right in the center. I may throw in the towel and just switch back to mesh heads. Bummer. I was really stoked about not having to fumble around with tuning and replacing heads.


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            Do you have pics of your pad?
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