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    My kit has gone through some changes since it was featured in Digital Drummer and I thought I'd share some info and pics.
    I ditched the 2box module, not because it wasn't great but...I never play out anymore and just use my kit for jamming and recording and I only use Superior Drummer.
    I'm now running a TD6 for all my drums and Trigger IO for all my cymbals. I found a post, I think on DMDrummer about choking cymbals with the Trigger IO. I found that wiring the tip of a TRS jack to a metal cymbal will give you a choke just by touching the cymbal, no choke strip required, I tried it and it worked!
    I then sold all my cymbals and have been collecting GEN16's to convert to triggers. The crashes and splashes are all single zone with choke, the ride is dual zone and the china is single zone. I trimmed them out with rubber, similar to the rubber rim protectors on the toms and they are almost silent!
    I also ditched the Roland rack and built a nice chrome Gibraltar to hold it all up.
    Everything works great and looks even better!
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 4 photos.
    Sonor 11 piece A2E, Roland TD20 and 12 modules, 2 sets of vh12's and 10 cy12,14 and 15's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAeuEKtUlZE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvmtafPWb0

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    Nice! Love the rubber rim guards on the converted Gen's.
    8 piece DIY Acrylic, 2x2Box DrumIt5, Gen16 4xDCP, DIY Acrylic&Gen16 Conversions, Sleishman Twin-QuadSteele hybrid, Gibraltar&DrumFrame rack, DW9502LB, Midi Knights Pro Lighting


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      Ay caramba! I LOVE it! I love what you've done with those Gen's! But doesn't the Gen16's use some microphone or whatever? Shouldn't that give a natural choke-function? I'm probably wrong, haven't read all that much about them tbh.


      • Tazed
        Tazed commented
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        Zildjian changed the Gen16s to a DS (direct source) pickup a while back (last year).
        So, no mic anymore. They sense vibrations (more like an electric guitar pickup, not using sound).
        So, yes, you can choke, as per normal acoustics, but this setup is now triggered, so choking is another issue.

      • TheYardbird
        TheYardbird commented
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        Oh, yeah that explains alot. How do these DS things work with multiple zones?

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      Lovin' that! I have Gen16s now, and have always had a trigger-setup in mind as a backup plan.
      Does the choke only work with the Alesis I/O, or will it work with other modules? Interesting!


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        Looks great bdknocks!


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          Nice War Machine!!!
          Roland HD-3


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            SAAAWEEEEET! Nice job on everything.
            TD50 Digital Pack, TD30 and TD9 Modules, custom made pads, Gen16 crashes, and hats plus a few other things that I'm not sure what to do with or why they're still in my kit. Bands: Espada http://www.musicaespada.com/ and JamCo https://www.facebook.com/JamcoEntertainment, https://www.jamcoband.com/


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              Geez! That's a nice set up there.
              Roland TD-30KV, Alesis Strike Pro Kit, Tama HW, QSC K10x2, Logic Pro, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt Interface


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                That's a whole lotta Gen16s! Why did you choose to go with the larger toms on the left upper side? Are they triggering 12" or so sounds, or are they 8" or higher sounds?

                Yamaha DTX-502 / (3) PCY155 Cymbals / HH65 HH Pedal
                Roland KD-9 Kick / DIY Snare (1 zone with DTX...)


                • Bdknocks
                  Bdknocks commented
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                  Those 2 are 10" toms and then I have 2 12" toms and 2 14" toms....The shallow drum to my far left is a 16".
                  I'm using Metal Foundry from Superior Drummer and it has 7 toms to use so it works out perfect me....they are also Sonor samples and I have Sonor drums so even better!

                • ohlarikd
                  ohlarikd commented
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                  Ah, I also use Metal Foundry and have 7 toms. It does work quite well! 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. I think full size drums add much better 'feel' to an electronic set.