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DIY Tennis ball platform for my JoBeky Electronic Drum Set

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  • DIY Tennis ball platform for my JoBeky Electronic Drum Set

    I did a DIY conversion with my acoustic kit, and it didn't really work out too well with the downstairs neighbor (noise complaints at noon on a Saturday). I though about building a platform for it, but after doing the measurements, it didn't really seem practical. 22" x 16" bass drum, cage, stands and such all meant a big chunk of my already kind of small apartment. So I moved that into a studio. Sadly, my drumming kind of went unfulfilled, as Houston traffic meant it could take an hour to get to or back from the studio (what would normally take 15 minutes). So time past, and I grew sad with out regular drumming.

    So, I decided to buy an electric kit. I chose to do a JoBeky kit with roland cymbals in hopes that it would be quiet enough to just have in the apartment. Also, I aimed to make sure that everything fit on a rack system. However, this time I decided to take no chances and build a tennis ball platform. I used Plywood and Dunlap tennisballs, drilling 1 1/2 " holes into two boards.

    To answer any questions, what I did was simple, and rather lazy. Two 5'x3' boards, one on top of the other taped together where I measured and drilled pilot holes. Once the pilot holes were drilled, I seperated the boards, put them on two 2x4 boards, and drilled my holes. I used a 1 1/2" hole drill on a hand drill.

    Once I was finished, and tested it with the downstairs neighbor ("I can barely hear it when I'm in my bedroom, and I can't really hear it in my living room."), I couldn't just leave an ugly plywood platform on the floor, so I threw some carpet on it.

    As a little added joke for these pictures, I have two cats. Roland and Pearl. Roland took a liking to the platform after it was built so... THIS PLATFORM IS ROLAND (the cat) APPROVED! *snicker*

    Under carpet

    First board

    Added tennis balls

    Added second board

    Inside the platform

    Carpet on top

    Roland approved!

    Finished product

    It works well! This is highly recommended for anyone who has an electric kit in an apartment on any floor but the first. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play for a bit!

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    Nice job.
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      Aside from the fact that it sticks up about 4 inches off the ground, it blends in nicely doesn't it!
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          That looks great, I have to do one of these . New neighbor, don't need any grief with her . Not to mention, she is smoking hot with big roto toms, lol


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          Yeah - since making my platform I have not had any complaints from downstairs. Its just annoying that I had to add a new notch to the stem of my drumthrone (I am already tall, the extra height of the riser meant it was uncomfortable to play the pedal unless my stool was higher than it would go.)
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            do you not 'bounce around' whilst playing?! Great idea though!
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              Nice one. So long as it keeps you drumming and peace between you and downstairs, its great!