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What adhesive to use on cymbal conversion?

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  • What adhesive to use on cymbal conversion?

    Hey all,

    For sound deadening on my cymbal conversion, I'll be using 3.5mm sponge rubber (same stuff that mousepads are made of) on top of the cymbal, with an additional layer of 1/32" santoprene on top of that for added durability in the strike zone. Question: what adhesive should I use for glueing these things to each other and to the cymbal? Is contact cement the way to go? Gorilla glue? Something else?

    Any advice would be most appreciated -- I don't have much experience with adhesives.

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    Contact adhesive, if used correctly will give you a solid, even and permanent fixing. Just be aware that there is a process to follow : if you don't get the timing right it will not work well.
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      Killer Red Tape....?

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        3M super 77 spray adhesive. I used it to glue clear vinil to my hi hat. Super!

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