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Project: Gretsch "Sunrise Burst"

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    Great Thankx.
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      I worked on the damaged kick last night. A few days ago I wet sanded the entire drum with 600 grit, also feathering the rough edges around the damaged area. Then I masked around the damaged area and sprayed three coats of black lacquer to build it back up. Last night, I removed the masking and wet sanded the area again with 600 grit. It worked very well. I doubt anyone could tell where the damage was before. One last coat of polyurethane and it will just be a bad memory.
      Roland TD12 module / DIY Kit in progress, Gretsch Blackhawk A (soon to be E) kit.


      • hemiboy
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        Fantastic, glad it worked out! We are now, of course, going to need not only pics, but probably videos as well, LOL!! I can't wait to see it done . Liked it from the jump!

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      Nice to hear! - I hope the exact location of the 'botched' spot will fade from your memory too, eventually!

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        Hows it going with this project bwilburn?


        • bwilburn79
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          The damage repair on the kick went so well I decided to tidy up a few blemishes on the other drums while I'm at it. I've started applying the final topcoat to the drums that I did repair work on. I need to let everything fully cure before I put the hardware on and setup the kit. Spring is upon us here in Tennessee, so much of my precious DIY time has been spent spraying herbicide on the lawn weeds and getting the mower in shape for mowing season. Sorry for the delay, I'm as anxious as anyone to see it in it's finished glory. Hopefully it won't disappoint everyone after so building up so much anticipation.

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        Project Update:

        Sorry for leaving this project hanging for so long. I'd become so frustrated with all the issues I encountered while trying to refinish this kit that I just had to put it down and walk away for a while. I've looked at it often, realizing that I'm on the goal line and just need to punch it on in, but I haven't found the motivation......until now. Last week I purchased a 2Box Drumit Five module, and a compliment of 2Box ready cymbal kits and a 32Gb extender mod from Jman at stealthdrums.com. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and with a timely bonus at work I made it a reality. I've already started to work on the cymbals so I'd better get to work on a kit to go with them right......

        In regard to this project, there exists a significant gap between my abilities, the results I've achieved, and my expectations. It's been frustrating to say the least. I've had to reconcile within myself that very few people (no one) will ever examine these shells with the critical eye that I do. When it's done, and sitting on the stage at church, under the lights, surrounded by these beautiful steath cymbals, and sounding like a beast of an acoustic kit thanks to the 2Box module, it will be impressive to anyone....including me. It's not going to be done next week, probably not next month either, but hopefully early in 2015 I'll have it up and running. Stay tuned.....
        Roland TD12 module / DIY Kit in progress, Gretsch Blackhawk A (soon to be E) kit.


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          I had wondered a while back what had happened to that project! Glad to hear it is up and running again. I was so impressed with your results and not being handy at all, I saw that with patience, I could do something like that, too. I have a little ocd, that I realized when spacking a couple of rooms in my house and I kept going over and over them to make them perfect. Then I remembered an expression from an old friend of mine. He used to say "A man on a galloping horse will never notice that". That's when I knew it was time to stop spackling and sanding and to start painting. I know that your drums already look great and when you're done, give yourself a big pat on the back and say good job, bro, to yourself!
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            Cool, This is gonna be a great kit! I thought this might be the kit your Stealth Cymbals end up on. Be sure to shoot me an email if you run into any questions on the cymbal kit installs or setup, etc.... or even setting up your triggered drums with the 2Box module when you get to that. I switched over to the 2Box modules a few years back, so for the most part ..... been there, done that..... J
            I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
            Stealthdrums.com Mega Kit: Pearl Mimic Pro ,2Box modules,drums and cymbals too many to count. VST quality sounds directly from the Mimic and custom sounds loaded into and played directly from the 2Box modules. Visit me anytime at: http://stealthdrums.com/


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              I stay tuned, is all my fault
              Straight black border instead of nuanced?!?....mmm... Once assembled, the toms are more beautiful than I thought .
              Td30, Pearl SBX, PC-VST/Expander


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                Hi all, quick update. I finally put this kit together (in 4 piece form) to play an acoustic set for the kids at our new church. I apologize for not doing more, and sooner, with this kit. Circumstances have a way of stealing your motivation. My only regular gig has been on the worship team at my former church. That role led me to drumming and has been the source of my motivation concerning all things drumming. Around the first of the year, a series of circumstances led us to search for a new church home. We are fortunate that we've found that new home. Our new church has a small praise band with several excellent drummers on rotation already, so I may find a different avenue to serve that doesn't involve drumming. They use a compact TD-15 kit and it's not likely that they would want to purchase this kit, in full blown 2 Box converted form, from me. That said, I had offered my 2 box module and cymbals up for sale since I have no need for thousands of dollars worth of equipment sitting under my bed... No one has expressed interest so I may still do the conversion as planned. It's just more kit than I personally need for home use. Anyway, I thought I'd post a picture of the kit set up. Please excuse the picture quality as it was taken with my phone and the extension cords the guitarists ran under the kit. The photo and the lighting don't do the colors any justice but the kit really did turn out nice and received many compliments.

                Roland TD12 module / DIY Kit in progress, Gretsch Blackhawk A (soon to be E) kit.