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DIY drum triggering problem

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  • fulrmr(Daniel)
    Sorry...I know nothing about the iO but I've built alot of drums...just no reflection plate I can offer as advise is....check out the the folks at;

    or contact our member Hellfire here at the forum( I believe he moderates the dmdrummer site too) he's the Alesis/reflection plate guru.

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  • axeel1993
    started a topic DIY drum triggering problem

    DIY drum triggering problem

    Hi, I'm just newbie, and can't speak english really well, so apologise it for me.

    I just built my diy edrum, like the same concept as this:

    I'm using Alesis trigger IO.

    My problem is that when I hit my drums, I'm getting way to much ghost notes, but I'm already using so much retrigger time, and high treshold on the IO, and still getting them. (Picture below)

    I tried out different foam types, adjust the meshhead with no results. Is it possible, that I'm using to slim, and flexible wood, or metal, and should get something heavier?