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Pintech's A2E Conversion Kit - Acoustic to Electric

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  • Pintech's A2E Conversion Kit - Acoustic to Electric

    Hello Everyone -

    Pintech has offered an A2E kit for some time now, but we never did a really good job of marketing it. I thought I would introduce you guys to our new webpage that has a much better description and pictures.

    Some details on our system:
    • Adjustable all metal bridge/truss system (from 8" all the way up to 26")
    • No drilling
    • 2 different jack styles available: pigtail system, and fixed jack system
    • Utilizes our newer 3PC, dual-density foam system
    • Comes with the same triggers as what you would find in our ConcertCast series pads - Velocity and positional sensing.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • 100% Made in the USA
    ​You can buy the kits with OR without mesh heads as well. We have a lot of the bigger name bands that use our kits as a contact microphone as well when they are on tour. We've seen some really cool stuff done by using it that way, and would love to hear if you guys are doing the same thing or not.

    Everything is 100% made in the USA, right inside our factory in Greenville, SC. The metal bridges are powder coated black, and made to withstand anything you can throw at it.

    On top of all that, we recently lowered our prices on them!

    DigitalDrummer reviewed them, and said the following:

    Please don't take this as SPAM. I am not claiming our acoustic to electric system is better or worse than all of the others out there. What I wanted to do was highlight the fact that I recognize that we didn't do a good job of advertising this system, and thought I would let you all know that there is another option out there. In fact, we didn't even have it on our website until recently!

    Thank you all for your support!
    Ryan @ Pintech

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    Hi Ryan, I visited your site and got very excited about the conversion kit. I'm currently using a Gretsch Catalina Club set with Hart Dynamics heads, Roland triggers and a TD-30. The look and size of the triggers always bothered me and I am constantly looking for a system that I could easily get rid of them. Question: how Pintech's system behaves with a TD-30? Do you have any user here at VDrums forum that have such a setup? (Pintech's kit + TD-30). Thanks!
    Luiz Varanda - Atlanta, GA


    • PintechUSA
      PintechUSA commented
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      Our triggers work FLAWLESSLY with the TD-30. We just sold a full kit with a TD-30 , and everything worked great out of the box. There are some tweaks here and there that you can do on the module if you need, but they work great right out of the box as well.

      Along with converting your drums with our conversion kit, you will also gain positional sensing, and should see quite a bit of an improvement with sensitivity.

      We featured a fully converted kit at NAMM last week, and we ended up winning a "Best in Show" award for "Company to Watch" - Everyone who saw the kit really enjoyed the way it played and felt. Call me at the office, and I will take care of you

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    I've never seen this before although I have seen many crossbar designs. Looks solid. Thanks for sharing Ryan. How much would shipping be for one unit to the UK or do you have UK stockists? Cheers Kenny


    • PintechUSA
      PintechUSA commented
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      Kenny - We only charge the exact shipping price. Shipping via USPS would most likely be the least expensive. Send me an email from the website on the size of drum, and also if you need a mesh head or not to go with it. Other than that, I just need your address - I will then be able to get you an exact shipping quote. Thanks!

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    Kenny, it was among the conversion kits reviewed in our head2head.
    . digitalDrummer
    Review index


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      Ordering conversion kits today for my 5-pc Yamaha I play at home. I watched a couple installation videos on youtube and it's remarkable how easy it looks. I'm really excited about getting started on this project. Any customer feedback on the rebound / feel of the Reaction Series heads on the kick drum? I'm actually more concerned with getting the right rebound on my bass drum than I am with the rest of the heads.
      TD-30 module, PDP A2E (22, 16, 14, 12, 10), Quartz triggers,
      VH11 hi-hat, PD125 (snare), Roland cymbals, Peavey KB4 monitor, Audio-Technica ATH-M50
      Axis A21 Sabres, Axis A Longboards


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        I wish I had the budget for it, seems like good stuff! Do you by any chance sell the connector for the vent holes seperatly? I'm doing a A2E conversion on a drumkit using internal triggers but still haven't decided how I'm gonna put the cables and all that.


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          bud7h4, I installed a dual zone on my snare using a Hart Dynamics mesh head, and using a yamaha DTxplorer module. Works very well. I installed the head trigger of center so you don't strike directly on it. The fixed jack fit perfectly in the vent hole.

          I need to play around with the yamaha settings a bit. Not getting good flams. But everything else from singles to doubles are fine, no double triggering.

          I trying out PinTech external trap stickon trigger, to keep the cost down and I don;t want to use the internal crossbar on this particular kit. I used a snare I didn;t care much about.
          Sonor S-classix birch
          Paiste and Sabian Cymbals;
          Mapex ProM ->EAD10; Mesh heads; Yamaha Top Triggers, Gen16 and L80 cymbals;