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Replacing cable connector on TD-9 harness

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  • Replacing cable connector on TD-9 harness

    I have a TD-9 kit, and I recently started noticing that the hi-hat was registering double hits whenever I played it with the pedal down. After inspecting the cable I noticed that there are some serious grooves worn into the connector tip. (See photos).
    Before I order an entire new cable harness, I'm thinking about try to cut off the old connector and replacing it with one I can pick up from Radio Shack. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea? I'm also wondering what caused those grooves. There wasn't any particularly strong tension on the cable that I know of. Maybe I should be replacing the hi hat itself too? Thanks for any input and insight!

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    I don't know if the TD-9 uses 1/4inch jacks on both ends, but if it does, before you assume it is the cable, test it by switching with a known good cable. If it is in fact the cable, just buy a replacement. A new cable should be under $10.


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      Nope, the TD-9 has a custom wiring harness...not individual cables.
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        Solder on a new tip?


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          I can tell you that if it was me I would be replacing the TRS plug. It isn't that big of deal, cut off the old end, solder 3 wires, and screw the housing back on the new plug. Don't forget to slide the housing cover back on the cord before soldering the new plug on, otherwise you will be doing it twice
          Here is a result I came up with on a DIY tutorial:

          Make sure you use a continuity tester to identify which wire is tip and which is sleeve first. I would suggest shaving off the rubber cover of the old cable before cutting it off. That way you can be sure to identify/mark the Tip, and Ring wires. The copper jacketing is what gets soldered to the Sleeve.
          I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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            Thanks for the input, guys. Yeah, I'm going to try to replace the plug first. I'm still curious about that caused those grooves to get worn it, but I'll keep an eye on the cable tension once I get the cable fixed.


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              The grooves worn into the hihat plug have been reported by other users...
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                another vote for cut and solder


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                  I was able to replace the TRS plug, but unfortunately I was still having the same problem. I ended up ordering a new CY-5 online and it all works perfectly again. Hopefully this cymbal and connector will play nicely together for a longer time than the original pieces.


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