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can I use a higher td6 td9 module on hd3 hd-3

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  • can I use a higher td6 td9 module on hd3 hd-3

    I'm new to the forum and have had a quick check to see if anyone's done what I want to do. But cant see it, so forgive me if I've missed it. Here we go...

    I'm a novice drummer and the HD3 was an obvious choice for me. Of high priority was portability and small footprint, so again an obvious choice. I gave it a good try before buying and so I knew the kits were acceptable for practice at home, but I now want to use the kit for gigging and need better kits.

    I love the size feel and portability and am still v happy with that. So what I've now done is borrow a friends td6 module and gone midi out from the hd3 module into midi in on the td6 module. This worked well as the hd3 lets you change the midi codes it sends, meaning I can set the 20 hd3 kits to select 20 of the kits on the td6.

    So here's my question - can I use a td9 module on the hd3 connected straight on to the hd3 trigger cable ? ie substitute the modules because they have the same connector.

    The hd3 and the td9 both have the same 25 pin DB-25 connector for the triggers, but the td6 doesnt and so can only be driven by midi from the hd3 module which means an extra wire, another power adapter (because using two modules), extra setup time, and I'm sure some extra latency (milliseconds) in the audio path.

    Has anyone tried this ? I dont want to assume it will work just because the connectors are the same but I'm quite excited about the idea of creating a very portable rig with higher quality kits.

    I guess another relevant question here is - are the td9 kits better then the td6 ? I'm really only interested in the stantard acoustic kits (ballad, birch, jazz etc - not the showbag stuff you never use). Some posts on this forum suggest the td6 kits may be as good or better.

    Thanks for looking at my post - looking forward to your insight !
    Roland HD-3

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    As for which is the better module its the TD-9 by a mile no contest,as for hooking up to a HD-3 DB I could not help you there but ime sure somebody will chip in soon and correct you and welcome...Duncan.


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      No, the pin connections are likely to be totally different. Especially because an HD-3 has single-zone pads but a TD-9 has dual-zone pads.

      Compare the HD-1 connections with the TD-9 connections: 25-Pin 'D' Connector Wiring Guides

      You would need to build a conversion cable, and the kick still wouldn't work because it's a different type of pedal.



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        Thanks for your help so far guys. HD-3 has single-zone pads...
        I'm pretty sure the HD3 has dual zone snare crash and ride. See

        I've just checked my hd3 phono connectors and the snare crash ride AND hi-hat all have TRS, which seems to be consistent with dual zone functionality. All the other trigger source connectors are mono phono type.
        An hd3 cable wiring / pinout diagram would be useful as it would have to be different to the hd1 with dual zone functionality on four triggers, requiring four more pin allocations than the hd1.
        The hd3 pin out info isnt in the manual. Maybe this can be my next thread /post (give me a week or two with a multimeter!)

        I assume any difference in the pin configs between hd3 and td9 can be fixed with a patch cable (or "break out" box ? - not quite sure if this is the same thing essentially)

        The kick drum thing worries me. Would I have to use a "breakout" cable/box to add an external kick for the td9 module ?
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        Roland HD-3