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Stealth A to E cymbal stick noise silencing

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    Yesterday I covered the edges of my crashes and splash (all single zone) with clear Bison Polymax.
    I also covered the strikezone on the bow and bell of the ride too.

    Takes up to 48 hours to harden.
    Can't wait to test it with the band.
    Hopefully no more complaining about the sticknoise haha!

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      Cool topic that I've missed .. thanks to whoever dug it from the dust.

      Seems that Pattex is a product of Henkel but it is not the only brand it sells as ..
      Where I live it goes under the "Moment" brand .
      Here is the site, switch to your location to see how they named it there:

      I think the product that best matches the one from the OP (which is some good 7y old, LoL) is now called "One For All Crystal" - Flextec polymer is its primary compound.
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        Great to see this topic is still kind of alive after so many years!
        Its a shame the original pictures have disappeared.

        Have fun drumming!

        Kind regards to you all,


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          Has anyone tried using Rubber Tips on their sticks? For example, like the Vic Firth rubber tips? Surely that'd be a better option at reducing stick noise, but preserving the look of your cymbals?


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            I have tried rubber tips, plasti dip on both the sticks and cymbal, and also rescue tape on the sticks.

            Rubber tips were ok but they only help tip strikes, they also felt a little funny (maybe the weight, I used the stagg brand).

            Plasti dip needs a lot of coats to make a difference and I didn't find it very durable.

            I like rescue tape on the sticks the best, it seems quite durable so far (more so than plasti dip) and definitely takes a lot of the ping noise away. I cover the entire stick so it doesn't mess with the weight distribution and has the bonus of helping with hand grip. It doesn't make for the prettiest stick, it's not a perfectly smooth surface with the way it gets wrapped, but I don't feel any problems while playing.

            I do like the idea of polymer but my cymbals look so nice as they are..

            What I would really like is a professionally coated stick. I found these but you cant buy them anymore