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KD-85 Repair - bad foam cushion

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  • KD-85 Repair - bad foam cushion

    Just did my first repair to my new (used) drums. I noticed the KD-85 kick drum looked like it had termites. That is there were tiny bits of foam around the base and pedal.
    Removing the head showed the foam was dieing.
    I bought a new "cushion" from roland for under $20. (Part# 03895056)
    The metal plate that the foam mounts to came out with just 5 screws. The old foam was a pain to clean off the plate. This is the hard part of the whole procedure. I ended up using acetone to remove all the old adhesive. Worked great, but make sure you wash the plate afterward as you don't want to ruin the new foam!
    I also cleaned lots of little foam particles out of the housing and washed the drum head with blasting water to remove foam particles from between the head layers.
    The new foam went right on. Its just a peel and stick thing. And I screwed the plate back in the drum (don't overtighten these as the plastic could strip easily). One new tiny zip tie was used to replace the old one to hold the trigger wire.
    As soon as the drum head dries from washing it I'll put it back on and be ready to go.
    Tools needed: screwdriver, acetone, sink and water.
    Parts needed: New foam cushion, 1 tiny zip tie.
    Pictures attached show:
    -the old foam cushion in the drum
    -the cleaned mounting plate
    -the new foam on the plate
    -the parts before reassembly
    -the reassembled drum before putting the head back on
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    I am sure your post will be helpful to many. Thanks for taking the time to document your repair job. If you know the Rollie part number it would be helpful to add that to your post (maybe on the packing list).
    chris :D


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      This is great, thank you. I had the same issue (on a KD8), the foam was disintegrating. I did a cheap temp fix by just stuffing more foam in there that I picked up from a craft store but this is the right way to go. I wonder if there is a better foam to use that will take the pounding and hold up a bit better.


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        Does anyone know where one might find replacement parts for this model. Need new leg and end wing nut is 8mm but has a unique thread that I am having difficulties finding a replacement for


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          Drum-tec has the leg: https://www.drum-tec.com/front-leg-for-roland-kd-85

          I couldn't find the wing nut though, so if that's what you need as well, I don't know.

          More on-topic, they also have a replacement foam cushion for KD-85 if anyone's wondering: https://www.drum-tec.com/detail/index/sArticle/6278