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Adding mesh heads to pre-international hoops?

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  • Adding mesh heads to pre-international hoops?

    hi there

    i've gotten hold of a 50s drumkit with pre-international hoops (ofcourse,- duh... )

    how would you go about adding new (mesh)heads to them?
    new heads are simply to big (about 1/4").

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    Do you mean metric sizes? Thanks a great question. I know Remo used to make some metric size heads on a special order basis, you'll just have to check around with them, Evans and the Triggerhead people. I'd be curious to hear what they say.
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      well i've googled all i can - and simply cannot find an answer.

      new heads will easily fit into the hoop itself - but when attaching the hoop to the shell, it gets all skewed and won't fit properly, and there's always one tension rod that won't attach.

      so i guess either:
      a) simply buy new shiny hoops (i'm pretty much against this )
      b) or "carving" out the side of the hoop where the last tension rod is presenting a problem.

      an easier way?
      did i just answer my own questions?