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RT10 Triggers + DTXplorer Module

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  • RT10 Triggers + DTXplorer Module

    Apologies if this was answered already, I browsed for a bit and saw nothing specific to my question.

    I'm using acoustic drums with an RT-10S snare trigger, plugging into a DTxplorer module. I'll be adding the use of the RT-10K kick trigger as well but for now I'm just focused on the snare.

    Dynamics are great, however I can't seem to consistently dial in the trigger to pick up rim shots even though the RT10S has the head and rim trigger built in. I was pretty sure the dtxplorer supported dual triggering on the snare at least.

    In any case, can you guys help with dialing in this thing. Yamaha only has tips for their triggers, which is the only Yamaha product I'm not fond of. The Roland RT10 triggers are great, I'm just not sure how well they play with others.

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    You do sometimes get a rim shot though, right?