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My 8 bits drum sample reader

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  • My 8 bits drum sample reader

    Hello all!

    Here is the description in one PDF file of my dual 8 bits drum sample reader that can be triggered by pads or trigger.
    It use only standart components easily awailable.
    For people who ,like me, are realy interested by electronic,soldering iron.....
    and who like to kow how things are working.....
    You can also see two pictures of my drum sample reader....
    You can know a little more about me on my other posts!
    See you soon
    Thierry EPPHERRE,an electronic drum collector from France!
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    That's a really nice piece of work Thierry.


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      That's pretty neat. All hardwired logic -- no micro and no software. How does it sound?

      I don't know if you already have this, but here is a link to a collection of drum machine samples that you could convert to linear PCM and burn into those EPROM's. (82.7 MB)



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        Hello all

        I will try to post MP3 of my sample player.....
        You'll hear I am not a good drummer!!!!
        See you soon
        Thierry EPPHERRE


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          This afternoon,I recorded quickly these 5 MP3s,(the level is too hot,I made it to quick!) of my dual channel project.
          We can not upload MP3 files so I changed the extension by .txt.
          You had to save these files on your computer and rename these in.mp3 again!
          I hope it will work.

          The two channels are independant (one pad each),the zeners are not implanted,the two stages are configured in -1 gain (2 resistors of 10K).
          The first snare roll is trigged by my 14" Mesh head snare with Ddrum pick up.The other part of the MP3s is trigged by my two new ROLAND triangular pads I just had on Ebay (you know,the pads of the DDR30 brain you had).
          See you soon
          Thierry EPPHERRE
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