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A new Ekit build

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  • A new Ekit build

    I was looking for some advice. I want to build a new electronic kit but move onto the next level in terms of playability.
    I can not decide which option is the best.
    1. Practice Drum Kit with 'Mesh' Heads, I can get this sort of thing on ebay for about 130.(here) This would give me everything I need, all I will need to do is sort the electronics. or,
    2. A standard accoustic kit, replacement mesh heads, then I can add the electronics. Both would cost about the same.
    Any views or ideas on which would be the best route.

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    Hi mee,

    I would break that little practice kit LOL - the bass drum (snare clamp) looks a little flimsy. I would recommend the acoustic drum route - see signature for ideas.


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      This is just my rough plan for when I build a nice kit:

      * 3 cheap tom drums, halved
      * Suntex 90 Solar Screen for the heads
      * Hi Hat stand, probably using Dmitri's Optical Hi Hat Controller
      * 2 freestanding kick pads, similar to the Gibraltar GBDP pad
      * Two single kick pedals for the pads
      * ABS Plastic Cymbals - likely 8 x 14"

      So, Snare, 5 Toms, Hats, 6 Cymbals, two separate kicks (cheaper than one pad with a double kick pedal). I have the materials around to build all the cones/cross member assemblies, so installing triggers will be cheap.

      Still deciding on which method I'll use for mounting drums and cymbals, this will likely either be a moderately priced DIY route or an expensive rack system.

      Depending on how many pieces you want on the kit, converting a regular kit might be a cheaper option since you essentially only have to install triggers and add new heads for dampening. All depends on how cheap you can source everything.