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  • Options for A to E conversion....

    Ok so I have quite a few options locally for acoustic kits that I could convert to an electric kit. I'll just post the links you guys tell me what you think. (this set I wouldn't use all of it probably end up selling several pieces) (the extremely cheap side) (this one sure has a lot of cymbals ) this one I'm not sure if all the drums are Pearl Export or what?

    Anyways I haven't really been in the drum scene a whole lot. I do know Pearl and Tama and both are excellent of the ones I've seen. I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile to go with a crazy nice setup since I'll be hacking it up and modding them or what? What do you guys think?

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    You don't need an expensive kit for an a-to-e conversions. I just went through the same thing and here are my thoughts.

    If you plan on doing a reversible modification, something where the electronics can be added or removed without altering the drums, you might want a nice sounding kit. If you ever had to play acoustics, you could just pull out the triggers and put on mylar heads.

    If you are going to actually hack and mod, the tone of the wood means nothing. Just get a cheap kit that looks good and is in decent shape. If you go too cheap, however, you might have issues with crappy hardware. I wouldn't have a problem converting that CB7.

    Also make sure you can find mesh heads for the sizes of the shells you are looking at. I was going to convert a 24" kick, but couldn't find a head.


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      Well I'm going to make the heads so shouldn't be an issue. I do want them to look nice so I don't want something crazy cheap. That Tama set for 250 would be nice but it's kind of far away and not sure they would be willing to drive out here lol. Are the CB kits nice looking? And sturdy feeling?


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        I was just curious but these piezo's should work correct? they say benders but I'm not sure what that means...


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          Well I tried to get ahold of that person for the CB kit and so far nothing....

          I think I'm changing my approach a bit, I found a Roland MDS-20 rack kit for that I'm going to grab. Has all the cymbal booms and tom mounts on it. If I can't get that CB kit then I'm just going to buy several toms off ebay for my snare and tom's. I'm not sure what I'll do with the bass cause I kind of wanted a real drum to beat on. Maybe I can just use one of the toms for the bass as well? It wouldn't look that great but at least there would be something there to hit rather then a pad.


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            Here's a very good thread that has links to suppliers.
            The piezo you linked to doesn't have the wires attached. I know some people can deal with that, but I can't.

            You ,ay want to just do a 22" bass conversion. That would get your feet wet and might look mighty cool!


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              Yeah I think doing a bass conversion is going to look the best and feel the best as far as playing. I'm really not to worried about making these as I've done much more labor intensive DIY stuff before (speaker building DAC building amp building) either way I agree a bigger bass drum (22", 18" something) is probably going to be the best bet. Just have to keep my eye out for one. I've never soldered wires to a piezo but I am quite good at soldering.


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                I got several Tom's for relatively cheap, do you think using one of the 12" tom halves for the bass drum would be a bad idea?


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                  It's essentially what Roland does. The trick would be the mount, but search around, a lot of DIYers around here have come up with very clever solutions.


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                    Yeah otherwise I'll just make it hit a pad until I can find a really good deal on a 18" or so bass drum. I'd like to use dual bass drums as I'll probably cut one in half anyways and then I don't have to spend 100+ for a dual pedal setup

                    How horrible are these 30-40 dollar Hi-Hat stands one ebay?


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                      So I won the rack, 2 12" toms and a 13" tom. I paid 80 bucks for the 3 tom's, I might of been able to get cheaper but don't think that's too bad. That will make 5 tom's and a snare.

                      Are Taye drums considered a nicer drum? I've never heard of them and I bid higher then I wanted to on one by accident.