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VH-12 hats; what's involved?

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  • VH-12 hats; what's involved?

    I finished my drum conversion and have some cheap cymbals on the way. I feel like I have the ride and crash dialed in as to what I want to do, but I'm unfamilliar with what makes the VH-12 tick. I've tried several different searches here and elsewhere but can't find what it would take to try and emulate it. Is the variable 25K pot controller part of it? How about the cymbal? Is it a single or dual zone? Does it use the same single piezo and edge switch as the other cymbals? Sorry if this is dumb, but I've tried to find the info on my own. Help???

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    Basically, the top cymbal is a dual-zone cymbal. Inside the bottom cymbal is a plunger that acts as a sensor, telling the module whether the cymbals are open, closed, or somewhere in between. What the nature of this sensor is, and how to make one of your own I have no idea.
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      Here is an article that I found about it which appears to be written by a member of the Roland team.

      Technically, there were two primary factors in the development of the V-Hi-Hat.

      To accurately send the impact signal to the sound module.

      To send the information of the open/closed condition between the top and bottom pads to the sound module.

      To meet these goals, we set up the motion sensor in the center of the bottom pad, and we tried many mechanical structures, such as optical-type sensors or hall elements at the beginning. Finally we decided to use a spring to push down the sensor for sending the open/closed information to the sound module.

      For the materials of the V-Hi-Hat, we used the same materials as the V-Cymbals: an internal base with rubber surface.

      In order to improve hi-hats sensitivity consistency, we used a crescent shape part for the top pad. In order to distinguish which area of edge/bow was high, we used a special sensor for detection. Therefore, we required only two cables to be connected between the bottom pad and the sound module, while there is one link cable between the top and bottom hi-hat pads.

      The attachment is the picture that goes with this article.

      Hope this helps.
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        Thanks much guys!
        Do we know if the dual zone top cymbal is done the same way as the other cymbals with a single piezo and switch? I guess I'll find out soon enough.


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          There is a part to the VH-12 that I curious about and I highlighted it red in this picture... does anybody know what purpose it serves?



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            If memory serves me, that keeps the bottom cymbal from spinning.


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              Then the bottom cymbal must be attached to the platform. I see now, thanks.