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  • DIY drum rack ...

    some thoughts recently led me to decide to create, or otherwise expand on my roland drum rack ... haha i will let you know how this goes, just have to find myself some 1-1/2" O.D ABS or PVC... hmmm.

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    I'm building some right now. You may want to also look into semi-rigid conduit, closet pipe (cheap, strong, light, but hard to deal with), or aluminum. Not as cheap as plastic but it will be loads more rigid and easier to bend. It doesn't hurt that I have pipe benders for up to an inch and a half OD, but those aren't expensive either.

    Best part about the semi-rigid conduit is that I can fasten it together with a few right sizes of bolts and nuts and lock washers with no need to get special cornering parts.


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      awsome! thats a good idea! feel like posting some pics of your progress?