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  • diy drum cage/rack

    i have a Gibraltar rack it serves me well for my hybrid drums weather i have them on acoustic or electric. but recently after mounting a pd7 on it as an extra small tom, because i have four toms mounted on the bass drums, i started having problems with it. the pd7 started to gradually slip downward with every strike. no matter how hard i tighten the Gibraltar clamp holding it.
    this never came to my attention because i normally only use the rack for my cymbals.
    after realizing that this was due to the circular shape of the tubes that make my rack i decided to check out some new racks the best one i've seen so far is the pearl 503c
    its guarantee no slip because of the square tubing

    but being the cheap sob that i am i started to think how to make my own
    and started to get the diy bug again (i'm hooked)
    making one out of wood is out of the question though i would if i had too.

    from the get go i knew that getting the curve is out of the question.
    so this is the next best concept

    finally after searching for awhile i ran into this great site
    as of now i'm deciding weather to get the aluminum bar(less expensive)
    or the aluminum square/ rect tubing.
    i don't understand why the solid aluminum bar is cheaper then the hollow tubing.

    or maybe i should get steel either way is kinda cheep and i get to make it fit perfectly with my double base set up.

    i probably wont start this project until mid jan but i do know that with the money i save i could get these babies for it
    those are some good clamps no slip ever.

    thankfully i only have to get the horizontal bars being that the vertical ones i already have should work
    but i will still need new clamps

    well hopefully I'll make it work and someone else finds this thread helpful.
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    I'm very interested in your project. It may be something that I look into. I sold my Pearl 501 rack with the Mapex kit I sold. I wish I had it back for my ekit. Anyway, I bought some of those clamps and absolutely loved them. Keep us informed on how the project develops.
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      diy drum rack

      i have been wanting to do this for a long time aswell.keep me posted


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        I just wanted to let you know that there is a better and cheaper site for aluminum it's That place you listed for 3 8' sections of 1.5x1.5 it was like 160 bucks at online metals it was 90 ish. I've ordered stuff from them before as well and they are very good and their shipping rates are super reasonable. They will also cut things to the exact length you need and are rather accurate with the cuts I was thinking of going this route with my up coming DIY kit.


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          huh? maybe i don't know how to measure but here are some quick specks
          the more expensive one on the top is solid aluminum bar that's why it's more expensive.
          but being that i want a square rack i think I'm going to try to find a used icon rack.
          because i cant seem to figure out how to get a one of those square tubes clamped to my round rack legs. i noticed that the pearls cross bars on the icon have the clamps permanently attached to the them. but if my kit wasn't a hybrid thus lighter I'd go for the round tubes and just buy the round Gibraltar clamps at a guitar center.
          and just as a side note they do sell pipes like the Gibraltar ones at home depot.
          i saw them there the other day but didn't bother to give them a closer look.

          so I'm abandoning this project because i want a rack more like this one: @ 0:15 for my tama kit. but if i had a ekit with the shells cut in half i'd go for the cheap diy Gibraltar clone.
          but buying all them clamps for it might add up $$$
          and more over if i did cut some shells in half i'd probably wouldn't bother with a nice rack i would just do it with wood and spray paint it. or better yet put duplicolors diy truck bedding on the wood.
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            I was just saying that is cheaper then