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Need help about dual triggering (beginner)

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  • Need help about dual triggering (beginner)

    Hello I'm new in this forum(and making DIY drums). I have TD9 module and I'm going to convert my acoustic drums to DIY edrums. I'm messing around with finding a wiring diagram, using piezo/piezo connection (head/rim for snare). There a lot of variety drawings and I'm confused(also my English isn't good enough I'm sure you understood).

    Please can you explain me -simply and clearly- how to connect rim and head to stereo(trs) jack for Roland TD9. This topic can be helpful for the beginners like me.


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    Here it is...use the yellow lines for Roland modules...disregard the red & blue lines.
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    chris :D


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      And what about splitters? Do I need to use resistors and transistors? Or directly connect wires to TRS pins? What are they used for(for ex. keith raper's circuit or connecting 100k to ring)?



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        Hey There DYK E,

        the drum pads that Roland makes use two piezos - one to detect the head strike, the other to detect the rim strike.
        they use a stereo type jack (called TRS). there is no other circuit in the drum pads.

        splitter circuits are used so that a person can use one dual zone drum machine mudule input and split it out to make two single zone playing pads. Since the drum machine mudule is processing the 'rim' trigger on the 'Ring' of the TRS, a circuit is needed to make the two inputs work the same.

        A view of a simple dual trigger pad wiring for Roland:

        just a TRS jack, two piezos and some wire:

        I mounted the 'head' piezo on a cross bar and the 'rim' piezo directly to the shell.

        see my album links under my user ID

        Best wishes on your project
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          It couldn't be explained better!! Thank you very much indeed!


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            Dual trigger issue

            Hi all.

            I also have a TD9 module and now i'm trying to wiring things. However here's what i'm discovering.

            Rim shot only works if i hit the head and rim at the same time. It doesn´t work it i only hit the rim piezo.

            I'm sure i followed the roland wiring diagram but i want to get rim shots by only hiting the rim. I'm i missing something here?


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              Nore help needed

              I gave it one more try and i've done it. I was so easy... Thanks guys.