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  • My first DIY

    This is my first post. Iíve been lurking around for a little while reading heaps of really good stuff, so thanks guys. Hereís my A2E conversion. Basically Iíve refinished and customised an old Pearl Export kit from the 90ís. Iíve posted a detailed explanation of the refinishing process on the GhosteNote forum should anyone be interested - Iíll add the link later.

    So my design criterion was as follows:
    I wanted a real size kit to practice so that I didnít have to adjust my style between electronic and acoustic kits, and different drum sizes so I could maintain the feel of different drum sizes.
    I wanted a near silent kit for practice so as to not annoy my fiancť or the neighbours.

    And to the specs:

    Kick and toms all have single triggers based on the cross bar design (except the kick). I only wanted single triggers in toms as I normally try to avoid hitting the rims on my acoustic kit. I intend to later add an effects trigger for cowbell/tambourine sounds etc.

    Snare is a dual zone (PP). I wondered about a 3-zone snare and including a rapper circuit so it would be Piezo-Switch-Piezo (not totally sure whether this would work or not). I wanted to be able to trigger snare hit, rim shot (rim and snare together Ė like a really loud/heavy acoustic snare hit) and rim click, all without module adjustments. Though having said that I am able to get a reasonable response from the PP setup.

    Hihat is 14Ē ABS pair of practice cymbals with a single zone on the top hat and a slider for hihat control mounted in the lower hat. I normally only have approximately ĹĒ travel in my acoustic hihat and I managed to get hold of a equivalent slider to control my hats. I wired both to a single TRS jack with a splitter into the back of the module.

    Crashes are both 14Ē ABS plastic cymbals with 2 zones with Rapper circuits to allow choking.

    Ride cymbal is a pair of 16Ē ABS plastic cymbals sandwiched together to give the feel (weight) of a 20Ē ride. The ride is a 3-zone with a Rapper circuit between the bow and edge with an additional piezo for the bell. I also cut the bell out of the top cymbal and glued it back in with silicone to provide isolation from the bow and edge. However I canít get the edge or bell sounds to trigger properly, I always get bow sounds. Maybe I need another Rapper circuit to connect the bell or maybe I need more physical isolation between the piezos. I also havenít adjusted the trim pot in the Rapper circuit yet. Hopefully that solves things but weíll see.

    My module is the Alesis Trigger I/O running BFD lite at the moment through an old M-Audio Omnistudio USB interface and Windows XP. I intent to upgrade to BFD2 once the exchange rate gets a little better.

    I also have a modified 8ch TRS snake to manage all the wiring.

    With BFD lite I pretty much just plugged everything in and started playing. I still have some hihat control issued but I think thatís hardware related. It re-triggers when the two cymbals crash into each other after each stroke, which will be hopefully solved by fixing the top and bottom together. Also some weird trigging occurs from moving the pedal as the slider is mounted under the bottom cymbal. Other than that, and the ride issued mentioned above Iím really happy with how it all works.

    With BFD2 Demo I get glitches in the sounds when triggered from the drums. I think this is a audio interface/computer problem that Iím yet to solve. I need to sit down with a bunch of free time and tinker with it because thereís no saving and coming back to it with the Demo version.

    So thatís about all. Iíd be happy to hear all your comments.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas,
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    Oh man, that is beautiful. I love full-sized electric kits, and yours is stunning. I hope your hi-hat issues get resolved. Sound like you have it under control.


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      That kit looks great! Do you plan on adding more to it?
      BTW, welcome aboard and Merry Christmas to you as well.


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        What kind of practice cymbals did you use? I see one pintech but the others look unfamiliar.


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          Suh weet.

          The whole kit DIYers in here are impressive, most impressive.

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