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Roland cymbal mounts on regular cymbal stands?

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  • Roland cymbal mounts on regular cymbal stands?

    Hey there, I'm currently working on my own DIY electronic kit, I'm doing it very simple, acoustic kit with mesh heads and DDrum triggers, Roland PD-125 pad as a snare, Roland cymbals and I have a TD-12 Module for that. (If you have any feedback regarding that combination I'd like to hear it as well )
    anyway, I've wanted to know, I'm not sure how to mount the cymbals and the module, are the roland cy-14 and cy-15 cymbals can be mounted on regular acoustic cymbal stands? or I must get a roland rack, and,
    on what can I mount the module? I have its mounting plate, can it be mounted on this stand?


    thanks alot in advance. =)

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    The cymbals can go on regular stands, no problem. Just put the rotation stoppers on them and away you go.

    The PDS-10 will allow you to mount the module, but I find it easier to use the APC-33 and mount it to a cymbal stand or hi-hat stand.


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      You will find that a lot of the non-Roland cymbal stands have a larger thread for the wingnut, so you will have to use the wingnut that comes with the stand rather than the Roland plastic one.