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Noob Ecymbal DIY questions

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  • Noob Ecymbal DIY questions

    I think I have the drum conversions down. I'm currently looking for a cheap kit to work on. But after reading the topics here, I'm still not sure about cymbals. For context, I'm using a Roland TD-20 module. Does 25K pot mod for a hi hat stand mimic a VH-11, or VH-12 controller? And what about the Hi hat cymbal? Is it just a single zone (one piezo) arrangement? The multi zone cymbals with choke; Am I correct in understanding the Roland pads are really using just a single piezo sensor for the bow and two switches for the bell and edge? If so, how does that allow for positional sensing, bell sound, bow sound, edge sound, and choking?
    Sorry if these are stupid questions, or have been answered tima and again. I've done a fair amount lurking and reading, but still ma not clear on it. This site is a great resource. I can't wait to get started!

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    Maybe all the answers are right here and I'm just missing them. I'll keep digging. If anyone is able to throw an answer or link my way, it would be much appreciated. Sorry for the (probably) stupid questions.