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  • Tambourine

    I've constructed a small casing with a simple door lock (designed to attach to the door and slide over the jamb to lock from outside or to go into a recess) that has a magnet attached to it, a small cylinder (pvc), mousemat, piezo underneath, and a ball bearing that came with my nephew's Magnetix set. I don't have any money for anything but constructing from odd and end things, so its just a design. Sorry for no pictures, but if I could afford a camera I'd buy a module first :-)

    The mechanics of it are that while it is "off" (the door lock at the top holds a magnet) the ball bearing is held to the top of the cylinder. When you use your stick to slap the lock to the "on" position, it will bounce the ball bearing up and down on the piezo causing it to trigger at each movement, like a tambourine. Then again when placed in "off," it will not trigger the tambourine unless contact is made with the unit itself, as if you are hitting it as in any other tambo trigger.

    If anyone could make this I managed to with about 5 bucks of parts plus piezo and electronics. Again I don't have a module so if someone has some time to blow this works as far as I can see it (hitting the piezo without too great or few of frequency that would be a natural tambo, all else that's needed is the wav)

    I will take pictures as soon as I can.

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    Pictures, definitely! I can't begin to imagine what you have described looks like!


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      Since you don't have a camera, maybe a drawing can help us better understand what you are describing here.


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        Yeah, I'm very interested but can't picture what you're describing.
        Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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          I hope this helps. Its obviously designed to attach to a standard hi hat stand, but then again I'm hoping that of the people who plan on DIYing this that some already have their own DIY hi hat stand > controller.


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            OK, I think I get it. The ball bearing rattles around, triggering the piezo, except when the magnet prevents it from doing so. As you say, striking the box will still trigger the device.

            Ingenious! More versatile than the in-module solution from Roland, since it could be used to trigger any sound in the module, not just the tambourine. Cool!


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              I'm just hoping someone can make something like mine and put it into a module. I am, however, trading in my 1000w amp (I played three gigs with it so its an emotional attachment at the moment) for a module, microphone, and computer audio interface. Hopefully by christmas or the new year I can test it.

              If someone does go through with this, you can PM me for specifics on how I constructed it.