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Another Newbie Question

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  • Another Newbie Question

    First of all I would just like to say "WOW". I am amazed at the things that I have seen here and number of MacGyver type projects that have been completed and then shared with others. Thank you.
    While I have read a large number of posts, forgive me if I am asking a well documented question. When converting an acoustic snare to an electric for instance, what are you trying to achieve when you mount the piezo using the Beatnic crossbar method? Are you trying to completely isolate all vibrations except for vibrations channeled from the mesh head and through the foam cone or are you trying to gather as much vibration from the drum head and shell as possible? Rolands 'star' in the bottom of a PD-85 could suggest that the whole drum is being used to trigger.
    However, if you are trying to isolate the vibrations, has anyone explored the FunkApotimus 'suspended' trigger further or is the Beatnic crossbar pretty much the standard for success?
    Here is the 'suspended' trigger if you have not seen it. (let me know if for any reason I shouldn't have this link posted in this forum; this is my first post)

    Thanks in advance, Jacob

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    The goal is to isolate the head trigger. I have used both the suspension and the crossbar technique. The crossbar allows you to position and maintain even contact better.

    The basket design of the PD-85 (and 105 and 125) helps make rim detection more even. The baskets focus the rim vibrations to a piezo that is below the head piezo.