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CY-14C Main Trigger Gone Bad

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  • CY-14C Main Trigger Gone Bad

    I have a couple of CY-14Cs that the edge sensor works fine on but the Main trigger isn't picking up. I took one apart and started messing with the peizo in the back and I can touch it and make it trigger but it is a pretty strong force that makes it trigger. The connections look okay. Is this just a bad peizo? Anyone run into this and repaired it?

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    Any chance it is the jack? Just a hunch but I get similar results when a cable is loose...maybe the tip connector on the jack is loose...wanna trade it?
    chris :D


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      I had this problem. I just did a few tests to be sure it was the trigger and not my settings (swap cymbols over etc). Once I was sure of the problem, and because it was still in warranty, I just took it back to the shop where I bought it. They sent it back to Roland and I had a spanking new cymbal within a week.