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acoustic into electronic

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  • acoustic into electronic

    hi guys,
    it's been ages since i last posted here...
    i won't bore you too long but basically i'm moving to germany, don't know when and don't know where. so i don't know if i'll be living in the country side or in the middle of berlin. btw, i have an acoustic kit(don't bash me too hard!)... i really don't want to get rid of my kit and i really don't want to get an electronic one(no offense), so i thought of turning my kit into an electronic... so i can play acoustic when i can and electronic when i can't. so i just need help with the combinations and stuff.
    basically i just need or want a cheap module(i was thinking alesis dm5 or td-3 kinda thing) with ddrum triggers(not the pro ones), a nice set of hi hats which work on a normal hi hat stand, a reasonable cymbal to use as a ride and just a crappy cymbal to use as a crash.
    also, would an alesis i/o work instead of the module?
    i checked out this german website called thomann.de and they have a company called millenium. they're really cheap(and probably nasty), i just want to know what companies work with which? does roland work with millenium and yamaha, does alesis work with roland, yamaha and millenium? and will the ddrum triggers work with any module?
    oh, and if someone here is from germany, how do you cope with drumming in germany(as in there's probably not much space and with neighbours in regards to living in the city...) and are there any good websites besides e bay where i can get 2nd hand stuff?
    sorry that i sound so ignorant and stupid but i'm really just tapping around in the dark here!

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    The Alesis Trigger iO has no onboard sounds, although it comes with samples for a computer; it can only trigger a computer or a module which has sounds.

    The brands you mention are mostly compatible with each other, but there are exceptions especially with cymbals.