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Spraying chrome rack tubes...

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  • Spraying chrome rack tubes...

    Hi. I have brought an extension for my rack, but, as I couldn't get a black tube I had to settle for chrome.
    Can anyone suggest a good method for spraying it black and keeping it that way.
    Cheers, Kev.

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    I would go to your local automotive body repair shop and ask them. They might even be able to do it for you.

    If you just spray it using, aerosol paint for example, it will just chip off... even if you laquer it. I think most durability with paint finishes are due to a baking/heat process. That might be the bit you'll find hard to achieve...


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      Yeah, paint will rub right off of chrome. I think they chrome stuff before they anodize it though. Maybe they make a black anodize that would get it closer to the look you are after. I think Duplicolor has an anodize that comes right out of a rattle can that you can spray on chrome. I will check when I get a chance.

      Yeah here it is. Not sure if its in black or not. http://www.duplicolor.com/garage/res...rim_rings.html
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        MisterMR is right, I've done spray painting my rack tubes gloss black few months ago(you can find one of my posts whinging about this) and I could literally chip/peel off the paint with my finger nails.. it's all same even if it's done by a professional... which I dare say my work on it was, on a similar level

        So I sent it off to a commercial powder coating factory and when it came out it was very satisfactory. Still doesn't make it bullet proof but no peeling or chipping, just miniscule scratches made by the aluminium clamps that no one can make off unless they are an inch away. Depends how well the powder coating job went though. I paid $165AUD for my whole MDS-20bk rack tubes.

        But having done all this, now I want to go with Gibraltar's chrome tubes.. scratches on black tubes really stand out more than on chrome. Plus once you get acquainted with the black color.. you start aching for chrome

        Anyway just saying you should go for powder coating.. don't bother with spray paint, cause you're just going to end up getting it powder coated anyway.. which was my case
        It's not the powder coat that specifically makes it more durable, it's the heating/baking process and all other stuff done by machines like Mister said... Not to mention you get these all kinds of pretreatments on it too


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          Thanks dudes. I may end up leaving it chrome! The Duplicolor is interesting though. I have plastic clamps so they may not mark it so badly.


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            Do you have access to a sand blaster? Blast off the chrome, prime, and paint. I imagine that you could sand it off by hand but that could get a bit tiring to say the least.

            Several years ago I decided to paint my old fiberglass kayak (which was unpainted). Everyone said it wouldn't stick but I went to my local specialty paint shop and explained what I wanted to do. They sold me a primer that pretty much sticks to anything. It worked great (not inexpensive, but a kayak has a hell of a lot more surface area than a rack tube).


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              Hi KevH,

              Chrome does look good under lights....and it does match quite well with black.

              It's a pity you're not in Oz - I'd swap you a black extension for the chrome one.


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                you coud use a scotchbright to give the paint a surface to grab on . AL
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                  A little update for this one.
                  I asked a guy in a car body spray shop that I visit on my work travels how he would go about it, and he did it for me (for free!!)
                  He did say that the preparation and the final baking were the most important parts of it.
                  It looks like it was always black now, and should last forever.
                  It's clearly not what you know, but who sometimes.


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                    I've been thinking about refinishing my acoustic kit using Duracoathttp://www.duracoat-firearm-finishes.com/. I've never used it but my brother has and he swears by it for refinishing firearms. You can use it on plastic and other materials as well. Plus it comes in a great variety of colors. Let me know what you think.
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                      how about powder coating?
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                        Keep it chrome, have you ever seen a painted rack after a year or two of gigging? Too easily scratched, chrome wears much better and keeps its looks longer. I have the black stand from my TD-20 and I wish it was chrome simply from the scratches it has now over the last few years of gigging. Just something esle to think about.

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                          i'll try to put in my two cents.(i will not mention wood stains)
                          the most important thing's are basic terminology
                          before you start--prepping,or lack of -just clean
                          types of primer: self etching for slippery surfaces (2 prep just clean) and regular
                          types of paint:water,oil,lacquer,acrylic; polycrilc & urethane? idn and vinyl?
                          different looks:matte,flat, glossy, and.. my favorite mega matte flat like my black kit simply put clear coat on primer.
                          protection:clear coat/ finish
                          last touches: wet sanding, rubbing compound

                          if your painting on chrome and want to breathe life into it aka ANODIZE it
                          1.prep it by cleaning it then get self etching primer.do not scuff! ever
                          2.spray spray with anodized paint (red anodized chrome rules.)
                          3.black chrome is black chrome..regular chrome will never be no matter what.but you can get it smoky Grey or almost black

                          if you want to hide the chrome.
                          1.get rid of it (sand blast it or chemical strip it)this will leave you with raw steel
                          2.or just scuff the surface.
                          3. wanna be lazy about it? don't do any of the last an just put on some coats of self etching primer then paint away.

                          i would probably put regular primer on top of the self etching primer.(not 4 anodized look)
                          good paint jobs are done in very light coats with light sanding in between(never sand for anodized look) and top quality paint jobs. wet sand in between coats.finally always wet sand your last clear coat then buff with rubbing compound solution.

                          but i think anodized looks differ especially if your doing some interior engine stuff
                          which in that case you don't wanna get anything that will burn

                          but if it's something tough your after try this http://www.rhinolinings.com/index.php
                          that's what i wanted for my diy full stack but i went the cheap way and got some cans of diy truck bed lining from duplicolor http://www.scratchfixtwo-in-one.com/.../truckbed.html that site has great e/learning section with video
                          now that i think about i could of saved all of us some time and just referred you to that site from the beginning.
                          o yea and urethane paint is very durable but may turn a bit yellow
                          if constantly exposed to the sun but i've heard of dudes painting their car red with it so
                          good luck
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                            Sounds like you also used to work at a body shop?


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                              na i just invested some time studying on the web and some library books before trying to paint all my diy projects. which are quite a few.
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