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Roland Td-7 Sensitivity Problem

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  • Roland Td-7 Sensitivity Problem

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    Have you tried the auto detect for the sensitivity? it's in the last part of the trigger options. I use DIY cymbals on my build and it works fine with my TD7 (maybe even too sensitive as I need to fine tune them a bit) but they're just the same piezo elements as my DIY toms etc, which are essentially the same as whats in retail roland products - so there's absolutely no reason why they wouldn't work imo, mesh or rubber or cymbal - same things at the core of it
    7 Piece A to E Kit conversion - TD6&TD7 Linked,
    7 Piece Taye Studiomaple + Zildjian & Wuhan :)



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      I have tried Auto parameters, but that didnt solve the problem. I know how to use every manual parameter for the trigger and i think manual is more exact.
      My cyms are roland Cy-8 and a hit hat Vh-11, toms are millenium mesh (i know they`re bad) but in the td3 all pads and cyms have good sens! In td7 i have to hard strike to obtain sound.
      Only i want to know is if i can put any kind of preamp on the triggers like Roland At4, but homemade or supermarket one...


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        What is Threshold set to?



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          The treshold is set to 1 on every pad.