I can't even guess how many times I have clicked on the user profile and looked up previous posts when trying to respond to a technical question because the person does not post enough info when asking a question. It is important to give as many specifics as possible when asking tech questions....

Not like this:I am getting no sound on my snare rim, can anyone help?

More like this:
I have a PD-80R in the snare input of a TD-3 module, I think the cable is good, but I get no rim response. Can anyone help?

Module type, pad type, and as many specifics as possible related to your problem will speed the process...

This also applies to DIY edrums. Different brands of modules or TMI's have different requirements and in most cases are not a one size fits all.... plug-n-play situation. There are many different methods of triggering so the specifics of your build with pictures are also helpful.